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Vote for Greg O'Connor Nov. 6th Romoland School Board. Dedicated to improving student achievement.
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possible staff
With a vision of high expectations for students in Romoland School District, I will work to capitalize on every resource available and search out additional funding sources. Our students are the future leaders of this community, and we owe them every possible opportunity.

Education Value

Property value in Romoland is negatively impacted by the low test score of our district. State tests prove only 39% of our district students meet required standards. Good education is truly a Win Win and a concern of every household in Romoland. I will replace Gary Reller who has been in the position for over 10 years. If you are not satisfied with just 39%, Elect Gregory O’Connor

and accountability

My pledge is to implement the measures and review necessary to raise the state scores of our students. I will work to improve methods to include parents, business owners, and residents in information awareness and involvement

A word from Gregory


Business Leader

To better represent the community's interest, it should be noted that national statistics reveal less than 18% of Board members are professional educators. However, Romoland's Board is comprised of 60% educators. Once I am elected, your votes will have corrected the balance. My background in business management and ownership will add a much-needed perspective to the board. Students of Romoland District deserve the voice I will add to policy and positive change. Vote Gregory O'Connor
28 years

28 Years

I moved to Romoland in 1990 from Corona, California and continued my career as a State Licensed Construction Excavation Contractor. While continuing education in my vocation, I became interested in the developing technologies and environmental management. In 2006 I was certified as an independent compliance auditor by California Air Resources Board. Currently I represent clients at the state level with their air quality mandates.

School Board

With your vote, this position will complete my passion to get involved and improve the lives of my neighbors. I waited until I had the time, knowledge, experience and support of friends and neighbors to take on this role. I will be proud to represent your interests and stand dedicated to improving student achievement. I pledge to live up to the wonderful efforts of prior board members and will work diligently in my role as 'Romoland School Board Trustee Area One'. Vote November 6, 2018

Vote Gregory OConnor November 6th 2018

A school board represents the community's voice in public education. The board sets standards for achievement and remains the watchful eyes ensuring every student receives a top quality education.

Romoland School District

The District currently serves 3,943 students, residing over 32 square miles. To date, 401 people are employed on either a full or part-time basis. The District's schools are organized into four TK-5 schools, and one 6-8 middle school. Board President Trustee for area 2 - Mr David Sperry, Area 2 Mr. Manuel Aguirre, Area 3 Ms. Marla Clites, Area 5 Mrs. Debbie Moon, Mr. Gary Reller Area 5

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Gregory OConnor / Gary Reller

Mr. Reller has been with the Board for more than 10 years. An unchallenged position at any elected office often leads to a complacent security. Community involvement action and challenge is important to promote drive and ambition needed to take on the duties of that office. The choice is yours and the option is clear. I appreciate your vote for Gregory OConnor on November 6th

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Vista Road
Vista Road
Romoland, California


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Monday - Friday
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Thank You Romoland Voters

Thank you for your vote and moral support. My campaign fell short of winning the seat.

Let us hope that the contest will cause some change to complacent board representation.